16 Pics That Will Make You Want to Visit James Bond Island, Thailand

During any trip to Phuket, Thailand, most tourists will be recommended by the abundance of local guides to embark on a full day tour of Phang Nga Bay and the surrounding islands, located north of Phuket in the Andaman Sea.The main attraction itself, though, the historic and heavily recognisable James Bond Island – featured in The Man with the Golden Gun and blah, blah, blah*, is only around 10% of the total trip duration if you book an entire day out on a ferry. For the rest of your day, you will be treated to some tropical island views and canoe in the lush turquoise waters – you can even dive in if you want to! If you go in the wet season, you might even be able to negotiate all for this for under 1,500 Thai baht! Incredible!

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed my latest bombardment of posts from our trip here, and it goes without saying that this one of the most popular tourist attractions for travellers to Phuket. An unmissable highlight for any trip, if you want my opinion. Filmed entirely on our Go Pro Hero4, I am still in complete awe at the absolute beauty that we captured on that thing, and this trip alone justifies its entire purchase! Looking for some Thai holiday inspiration? Then look no further, because the following UNEDITED pics should make just about anybody want to travel to Phuket for that perfect summer getaway!

My husband maintains that this trip to James Bond Island was the best day of his life, and yes, that’s including our wedding day!

*Don’t be fooled, I am a pretty big fan of James Bond, but these islands should be recognised for their unique beauty and therefore, not backed up by some hyped story about a 70’s film set.



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  1. Neither I nor my partner is a movie buff so it doesn’t really matter if these islands were featured in some movie or the other. Like you mentioned we would visit just because they are such beautiful natural wonders.

    • Haha honestly I don’t understand why it’s such a huge selling deal… the island and surrounding area is beautiful in its own right.

  2. Yaaaass! I love James Bond movies, and I totally agree with you: we should be able to recognize the islands for the beauty and not Hollywood. I’m going to be in Thailand next summer and hope to add James Bond Island to my destinations!

    • You have to go for sure! If you’re in the Phuket area you’ll see tour operators everywhere so you’ll be able to go easy! 😀

  3. These are gorgeous. I dont even care for the movie reference (though I have friends who would find that the selling point). I love images like this. I have now added this to my bucket list of places to visit

  4. Oh my goodness that place looks absolutely amazing! Would love to visit Thailand in general one day 🙂 rent a very own island for a month or so

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