5 Reasons Why The Florida Keys Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

The Florida Keys happened to be one of the most surprising elements of our Florida trip. We wanted to make the absolute most out of our trip to Florida and as you’ll see from a previous post, not for the same reasons most love to visit this adventurous and tropical retreat! With my love affair with food and all things USA, and a gorgeous red Hyundai rental, we hit the road and headed south, in search of palm trees and turquoise waters, and we definitely found it in the Florida Keys! In need of further inspiration? Then read on to find 5 reasons why you must visit!

#1 It’s a Tropical Paradise

With its subtropical climate, Florida is always a good holiday destination for anybody in search of paradise. The Keys, with its connection to both the Atlantic Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in the United States, with clear sand, turquoise waters and palms tree galore! If you’re looking for a place to stay right on the beach, consider the Pelican Cottages, it was an absolute dream!

Key Largo Florida

#2 As of 2017, you can take a ferry to Cuba from Key West…

Fancy a holiday within a holiday? Then the Florida Keys should be on your radar. With the newly restored diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba, a prominent feature of the Cold War, there is no better time to visit and experience some of its preserved and concealed national history. Unlucky for us, we were unable to take advantage of such an opportunity… but there’s always next year!

#3 … And you can take a road trip to/from Miami

If you’re flying into the South of Florida internationally, then I would imagine you touch-down in Miami. Why not make a road trip out of your holiday and drive down to the keys? It’s a gorgeous drive from Key Largo to Key West and where the ocean and sea meet, there are ample photo opportunities!

#4 The local vibe is on point

With a quiet and relaxed vibe, you’ll fit right in with the locals in Key Largo – who love their home just as much as the tourists do! Everyone is friendly, welcoming and proud of where they live, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about what to see and where to go – they have ALL the answers!

If you’re looking for somewhere to soak up this atmosphere in Key Largo, I recommend Bayside Grille & Sunset Bar, where you can sip cocktails or local craft beer, order nibbles and chill to live music – whilst enjoying a gorgeous sunset view right on the beach!

#5 You can get some awesome local food

On this blog, we’re all about vegetarian food, so I’m not about to promote the already firmly established fishing and seafood industry here in the Keys, but what I will say is that it’s pretty hard to avoid. You can, however, enjoy a slice of Key Lime Pie – because is a trip all the way to the Keys worth it if you don’t? For dinner, we opted for pizza, because when in doubt, pizza is always a good shout! With more time, I could have maybe explored the food culture here a little more and whipped up a more detailed post, but check this out if you want any recommendations for food in the Southern Florida region more generally.

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  1. What a slice of paradise! The Keys sound very Caribbean, with the exception of Key lime pie! I have always wanted to try that. I also like the idea of taking a ferry from the Keys to Cuba. Hit two birds with one stone (pardon the expression because I don’t actually advocate animal cruelty).

    • For sure! We felt like we were in the Caribbean! Haha I totally get what you mean, I love getting to see as much as possible, and two countries in one holiday sounds great to me!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make it down to the Keys for a beach getaway! I had no idea you could take a ferry to Cuba as well – would be a great way to check off two awesome places in one go! And wow, that slice of Key Lime Pie is making my mouth water, looks delicious!

  3. Wow you are giving me serious wanderlust right now! I love tropical destinations and Florida Keys has ticked all of my boxes when it comes to what a dream vacation should be like. I love that it has an authentic local vibe to it. And good food is always a bonus for me!

  4. I’m more hooked with local vibes, it will be an escape from the bubbles and hustles of the city. The idea of having a holiday in a holiday sounds lovely, Keys to Cuba. As a non-veg, I’m sure of so many food to my taste as well(since you opted for pizza, it means there is a lot for me). In all, I like that it got this countryside feeling.

  5. I didn’t get to visit the Keys when I went to Florida a few years ago. It looks more like a place to hang with the locals so I’ll remember this for next time. So cool that you can now take the ferry to Cuba, not bad for a day trip! That key lime pie looks heavenly, did it taste as good as it looks?!

  6. Greetings from the other side of the world. I loved the presence of pelicans and the beautiful plate on which that pastry is served. Hope you had a great time in Florida which is always a great idea!

  7. The Keys definitely sounds like a little piece of paradise. I love the fact that you will be able to catch a boat to Cuba and head to Miami. I could easily sit at the Bayside Grille & Sunset Bar and have cocktails all day while chatting to the locals. You have me sold

  8. You had me at “quiet and relaxed vibe.” And that key lime pie sealed the deal. Now I definitely want to visit the Florida Keys. I think a trip to Cuba would be amazing. I love those vacays inside of vacays.

  9. The Florida Keys sounds like a perfect summer getaway! its so cool you can take a ferry ti Cuba now too. There’s a lot to see and do around this spot. Thanks for sharing. Another amazing natural environment to experience in the USA!

  10. I’ve wanted to see Key Largo ever since I saw the Bogart movie. I love the idea of the Keys, and your photos really do make it look like a tropical paradise. I had no idea you could take a ferry from the Keys to Cuba! Yet another reason for me to add them to my list! I also like the idea of being able to drive to the different Keys to get a feel for the area. Sounds like an ideal escape!

  11. I had NO IDEA there was a ferry to Cuba from the Keys! That’s even more reason to visit. I loooooveeee the Florida keys, such laid back, island life. I used to take day trips to the keys from Miami! The sign for falling coconuts made me LOL.

  12. The cottage seems quite cosy indeed! … Pizza and pie look interesting – How was the food in general, ample veg options?.. Being a vegetarian myself (I don’t eat eggs), I am always focusing on the food.. lol

  13. I would love to take the road trip out to the Florida Keys. I want to drive on the famous road out there which you see in movies such as Fast and Furious or True Lies. The ferry to Cuba is a nice addition, I would definitely take that if I passed the visa requirements etc..

  14. Glad I came across this because I have been wanting to go to Miami, but was hoping to explore nearby areas and this would be perfect. Also, you can take a ferry to Cuba?? I’ve been dying to go there so that would be incredible!

  15. I love the Keys! My uncle lives down there, but I’ve only been able to visit once. Maybe I’ll have to make a side trip for some Key Lime Pie the next time I’m in Miami! I also had no idea they were actually running ferries to Cuba- do you know if that’s still a thing? That would be an awesome trip!

  16. This looks like so much fun and I live in south Florida (but rarely get a chance to check out Key Largo)! Thanks for the tip on the Cuba ferry. I didn’t know that and can’t wait to check it out on my next trip to the Keys! 🌴😎

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