6 Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in South Florida

South Florida is so often associated with seafood, seafood and you guessed it, more seafood (at least from here in the UK where the Cromer Crab is about the most exotic kind of seafood you can get on the coast locally). When I booked my trip to Florida and was looking for places to eat in the South and especially in Key Largo, I spent a long time trying to find somewhere that actually had a single vegetarian option on their menu – it was practically unheard of.

But rest assured veggies – you can still book that trip to the gorgeous Florida Keys and tropical metropolis Miami, because, together with Taylor Schear (@soflofoodfind), we have tried-and-tested 6 restaurants that served up some innovative and tasty vegetarian/vegan food! Be sure to follow Taylor for more specialist foodie knowledge from the Florida region.

The Veggie Passport Travel

Miami Downtown

Suzannah’s picks!

Choices Café – Miami:

I had researched this place a few months before my trip to Miami. The menu looked so exciting, and with EVERY ITEM on the menu being vegan, I knew I had no issue and could order anything I wanted. I went with the mac and cheese (which was made with nutritional yeast to give it that cheesy flavour) and cheese fries (made with cashew cheese) served with black beans and sour cream.

Vegan Food South Florida

You’ll notice a theme with me and cheese. Vegan and milk-based – I can’t get enough.

Vegan Food South Florida

Cashew cheese – how could I possibly refuse?

Café Largo:

This place had a number of factors that absolutely makes it for me. 1. It was featured on one of my favourite TV shows, Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. 2. It allowed take-out – because on this particular day we just wanted to go back to the hotel and stuff our face. 3. It has some great options for vegetarian pizza.

Vegan Food South Florida

It’s a really famous and renowned place to eat – chosen and recommended by the locals (so its GOTTA be good!)

Vegan Food South Florida

It might just look like a simple cheese pizza, but those cheeses were truly something else (sorry – more cheese)!

Panera Bread:

Yeah, yeah it’s a chain, but it really was a glorious place to eat healthy vegetarian food. Their veggie/vegan options are clearly labeled, and with sandwiches to pastries – you can rest assured you’ll get a nice filling lunch for a good price.

Vegan Food South Florida

… and when I said healthy, I didn’t say there wasn’t a shit load of tempting treats as well!

Vegan Food South Florida

The pecan plait was a little dense but still tasty (I’m European and the pastry here is hard to beat!) but the cloudy lemonade was perfectly refreshing, you have to try one!

Vegan Food South Florida

Here, a simple tomato soup but it was nice to eat something so comforting and homely in the ridiculously humid state. The flatbread was stuffed with pesto and mozzarella – what’s not to LOVE?

Taylor’s picks!

Farmers Table:

Oh Farmer’s Table… how I love thee. Just seeing these photos again makes me happy! If you are looking for a swanky restaurant with a wide variety of options look no further! Farmer’s Table caters to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diets. My top vegetarian choices definitely have to be the spasta, caprese salad, and brownie sundae!

Vegan Food South Florida

Spasta with Quinoa Meatballs

Vegan Food South Florida

Chocolate brownie with candied pecans

Parlour Vegan Bakery:

Let me start off by saying that Parlour was my first vegan bakery experience. I was hesitant, but it far exceeded my expectations. The pastries are so delicious you don’t even remember that there is no dairy in them! The bakery also serves vegan empanadas, sandwiches, pizza rolls, and salads!

Vegan Food South Florida

Salted caramel mini donuts

Icebox Cafe:

Icebox is quite a unique find for vegetarians. The restaurant does not specialize in plant-based cuisine. However, they do make a point of offering multiple vegetarian selections. This makes it so easy for a group of people with different eating styles to go out together! One of the most interesting vegetarian selections is definitely the warm salad. It features fried eggplant, brown rice, wilted kale, egg, tomato, and peanut sambal sauce.

Vegan Food South Florida

Gado Gado (deconstructed warm salad)

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  1. Not a vegetarian myself, I never really thought that it might be such a challenge to find good food. But it all looks delicious! Also, it seems like a great ‘excuse’ to find some less-known cafés and try some great food you wouldn’t even notice otherwise. I think this post might also be useful for non-vegetarians who are looking for something different! Saved it on Pinterest.

    • You’re absolutely right. I’m glad it can still be relevant to you, even as a non-vegetarian so thanks for saving it to your Pinterest.

  2. Good old Panera Bread is always an option! But I loved that you highlighted different places that serve vegetarian and vegan food and not just places that ONLY serve that kind. I mean, vegans and meat-eaters like to mingle too, right? 🙂 Great list!

    • Exactly! I like to find places that have great veggie/vegan options, so everyone can mingle and be satisfied with their meal! 😀

  3. These dishes all look delish! I wouldn’t miss the meat on any of them. I will happily eat pretty much anything, but that spasta and those cheese fries would make me particularly happy!

  4. You are so right about Key Largo having a limited selection of vegetarian options. We visit South Florida all the time since we have good friends there. Definitely checking out some of these places the next time we go!

  5. I love the beach but the options of so much seafood is holding me back a bit because I can’t eat it. These option are really good alternatives. Those breads look amazing. Yummiiieee

    • Hopefully you can still visit South Florida and enjoy other places that don’t serve seafood. I know there aren’t that many, but this is a great start so thanks for commenting! 🙂

  6. You’re making me so hungry! I love lists of veggie/vegan food places because I usually can’t large amounts of some foods (gluten & lactose) and so will often seek out places with good salads and veggie foods. Thanks for posting!

    • Sure, and you remind me of many other reasons why there should be more plant-based restaurants and items on menus for those with specific dietary requirements. Glad we could help!

  7. Ohh, love a good food post. Especially when it contains this much cheese! I was a vegetarian from a young age and remember visiting Orlando as a child, being a fussy eater too but there just didn’t seem to be the amount of great food on offer as there is now, and so yummy looking!

  8. This post is so useful! I know that a lot of my vegetarian friends have difficulty to find proper food for them, when they travel. Tomato soup and Gado Gado look great. Yum!

  9. I am intrigued, what is spasta? I’ve never heard about it before. I love Gado-Gado! A friend of mine has learned how to cook it in Indonesia and then made it for me when she visited. I still dream about that creamy peanut sauce

  10. I can definitely attest that finding vegetarian/vegan restaurants in South Florida can be a challenge! Thanks for this lovely guide. The cashew cheese sounded so yum!

  11. My husband is vegetarian and when we are taking a trip somewhere, we always have to look for posts and recommendations for vegetarian restaurants. This is so helpful.

  12. Oh man, all of this food looks so delicious!! I’m not a vego/vegan, but I’m not a heavy meat eater either, so I always enjoy trying new veg-based dishes!

  13. Travelling is harder when you are picky about food or you don’t eat everything. I remember how it was difficult to find food when I was in Malaysia. As I consider myself “half vegetarian” those are good information and they all look yummy.

  14. Even for a non-vegetarian who’d always go for the seafood option, these look fab! I agree about European pastries being hard to beat though 😛 And one can never have too much cheese!
    lily kate x

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