Asian Snack Haul, London: Best of Asian Supermarkets

It’s not just the cute packaging that attracts people to Asian snacks, but it’s definitely a selling point. The truth is, for the most part here in England, you just don’t get the kinds of flavours and types of snacks that countries such as South Korea, Japan, China and Thailand offer.

Mushroom shaped biscuits? Seaweed crisps? The serious variety of KitKat? Sure, we’ve got Mikado and you can buy Hello Panda and Pocky everywhere now, but some are just so hard to come by unless you pay loads in shipping or get lucky in an Asian candy subscription box. I’ve said in my other post about London that it is essential for me to track down Asian goodies to take home, and London has the most variety in comparison to the Asian supermarkets in other towns I’ve visited. Don’t worry. I’m not going to give a 500 word description of each snack, but I will recommend the best out of the bunch, and tell you where to shop in London for most of them.


Fruit by the Foot / Korean
This is basically a Kelloggs Fruit Winder, remember those? In all honestly, they are perhaps not as good, but still worth a try.

Malang Cow Soft Chews / Korean
These are very chewy milk bottles with hints of caramel. They’re not overpowering or too sweet, and have the right amount of flavour.

Baby Star / Korean
They taste like bombay mix, but are just so much better. They also look like broken up dried noodles with a spicy flavouring, but I’ve been assured that they are not actually noodles, despite looking exactly like noodles… Anyway, they’re so, so morish, the pack was gone in minutes.

Pepero Nude / Korean
Mikado, but the Korean kind. The chocolate on these is perhaps lower in quality compared to Mikado and perhaps not the best Pepero flavour, but certainly one to give a try.

Only Jeju chocolates / Korean
These are little chocolates which are to my surprise very good quality and taste delicious. The flavours here are orange, cactus!?, green tea and raspberry.

My Chew – Strawberry / Korean
Basically Fruittella.

Seacom Dalcom – chewing candy / Korean
I was at first unsure if these were chewing gum or just chewy candy. They are both strawberry flavour, one sour, one sweet. Give them a try! (They’re not chewing gum)


Grape and Peach Oreo / Chinese
For people like me who could give or take Oreo due to their weird filling, these are the perfect kind of Oreo. The biscuit is still the exact same, but instead, an intense fruity middle which just beats the standard Oreo filling by miles. You can get these in London’s Chinatown at New Loon Moon or Oriental Delight.

Hello Panda – White chocolate / Japanese
The best Hello Panda biscuit flavour in my opinion, then again I’m addicted to white chocolate. But most people agree that the milk chocolate flavoured snacks from Asia and America aren’t always the best quality compared to European chocolate, and have a low percentage of actual chocolate in the mix, so other flavours are always the go-to for these kinds of snacks.

Melon and Pineapple Ramune / Japanese
The most refreshing soda I’ve ever had, and just LOOK at the packaging. How adorable? The flavour is incredibly subtle, so for those who think Coca-Cola and others are too sweet, but still enjoy a sparkling drink, then this is for you! The bottle is made of glass, so they are very expensive to import most of the time, and price up at about £3 in some stores, so shop around for the best price. In Japan Centre, they’re between £1.50 and £2, depending on what kind, and that’s the cheapest I’ve found them so far.

YanYan – Hello Kitty / Japanese
Possibly my favourite snack. You know Choc Dips? The sweet Rich Tea style biscuit sticks with chocolate dipping sauce. Yep. That’s what these are, and they are incredible!

YanYan – White Chocolate / Japanese
My favourite out of all the Yan Yan flavours.

My Gummy – blueberry flavour / Korean
When I opened the packet, a really strong artificial/chemical smell filled the whole room, which disappointed me. They were really tasty though, almost like eating a gummy blueberry.

Pepero – Cookies and cream / Korean
Another one of my favourite snacks. Think Hersheys Cookies’n’Cream on a biscuit stick.

Pepero – Strawberries and cream / Korean
The same as above, but with a gorgeous strawberries and cream taste.


Tohato Pokémon Shaped Milk Snacks/ Japanese
I love Pokémon, so even the packaging alone is a selling point for me. The Master Ball design is so cool, and inside the box has actually blown my mind. You get a sticker, the packaging is yellow with Pikachu everywhere, and the biscuits themselves are yellow, shaped like Pikachu’s head with the most gorgeous vanilla flavour. I’m in love. BUY SOME HERE.


KitKat – Green Tea / Japanese
Of all the Japanese KitKats out there, these aren’t my favourite. But still, GREEN TEA KITKAT? We’re doing something wrong over here with our limited choice of milk chocolate and mint.

Tohato Chocobi Star Shaped Chocolate Snacks / Japanese
Like the Pokémon biscuits, these light, chocolate flavoured ones are essentially a breakfast cereal, and would probably go really well with some milk. Japanese snack companies must know that everyone has at least, once in their life, eaten breakfast cereal straight out of the box. They also come with a little sticker.


Blueberry and Raspberry Oreo / Chinese
Again, a gorgeous fruity filling in the middle that I would totally recommend you to try. Get all the flavours if you see them!

Pokemon Drink / Japanese
Anything with Pokémon on, count me in! This drink was incredible. A gorgeous, refreshing still grape drink that I could have bought 20 more of! 100% reccommended.

Milkis Soda / Korean
Our Korean friend practically forced us to buy this because she loves it so much. It’s basically a lightly carbonated milky drink, with a really sweet flavour. It was weird at first, but definitely resembles ice cream soda. If you fancy something different, give it a try!

Choco Boy Chocolate Mushrooms / Korean
I’m not a fan of mushrooms, but mushroom chocolates? Any day. Look how cute the packaging is!

Lotte Latte / Korean
I love an iced coffee, so this was a must try! However, it was really watery and not that tasty, I’ll stick to the bottled Starbucks kind.

Lucky – Strawberries and Cream Sticks / Japanese
Very similar to the Pepero, but in my opinion not as tasty. Pepero is always my go-to when I want chocolate coated sticks like these.

Strawberry Gummy Sweets / Chinese

Saku Saku Panda Chocolate Biscuit
So adorable and so tasty. They are little panda shaped biscuits and who doesn’t love pandas? Tofu Cute were selling them at one point, but I believe they were so popular, that they’re outof stock. 100% recommend and I found them in London with ease from Japan Centre and larger boxes are available.

If you’re not in London, visit Japan Centre for a wide variety of snacks and groceries. If you are, check out Japan Centre‘s store, Oriental Delight, New Loon Moon and Centre Point Food Store, as they have some of the best snack variety in the whole of central London. What are your favourite snacks from Asia? Give me some of your recommendations in the comments.

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