Kimchee to Go, London – Review

Want some Korean fast food in the heart of London? Look no further!


When we went to London last month, I had a nightmare trying to find a restauraunt that we could all eat at. My sister is a fussy eater and wanted a beef burger, but as a vegetarian, I found the options in most burger joints nearby lacking in non-mushroom burger options. So, after a quick Google, I found Korean fast-food restauraunt Kimchee to Go near Strand, and decided to quickly eat my lunch there. I’d obviously still get fries and a shake from the burger place later, because… any excuse for two lunches!

Looking from the outside, you can see the modern feel to the place, and how they’ve worked really hard to give it an authentic Korean feel, with a fast pace. And inside was just as gorgeous.


I’m getting used to this communal seating thing, and, credit to my boyfriend for taking this beautiful shot of the interior while I was savouring every last bite of my meal.

Most of the food is pre-packaged, and separated into hot and cold sections. You just grab what you want, take it to the cashier and find a seat. Simple. But unlike any normal sandwich place with a similar set-up, this selection of food is incredible, exotic and authentically Asian. I ordered the Dosirak sweet tofu box, which literally was the most incredible tofu I have ever tried. Cooked to absolute perfection, it was firm and chewy and marinaded in Japanese teriyaki sauce. What came with the meal ended up being beautiful accompaniments to the tofu, and made it that little more filling. It included sticky black rice, roasted potatoes, a Korean omelette, broccoli and a vegetable dumpling. You couldn’t ask for more at the ridiculously cheap price ofย ยฃ6.45! Their drinks selection also looked good, but as I knew I was getting a shake at the next place, I didn’t want to overload on liquid. They had a selection of hot and cold teas, including honey, plum and traditional rice extract tea.

My Korean friend was hesitant at first, but after her meal and speaking in Korean with some of the chefs, she was convinced that I’d found a great spot for Korean food in London, and she even complimented me on my use of chopsticks. Her verdict is worth listening to! If you’re ever in the area and fancy something different, you have to try this place out!


Their menu is very good value, but delivers fresh, top quality food that you will never forget. You can view their menu here. Thanks for reading, do you know of any other Korean restaurants in London? Let me know.

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  1. I didn’t know there was a Korean restaurant in London, Asian food is so much better than ours. Next time I’m in the capital I will be trying out Kimchee to Go, thank you for pointing it out ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Mass produced food (like Burger King and McDonalds) always leaves you wanting more. I’m a fan of the Japanese restaurant that I used to visit often in Newcastle before I took up with my current wife (she’s number 4) as she doesn’t like Asian cuisine. I’m not sure it still exists these days.

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