Passoã Tropical Summer Cocktails

Passoã is the perfect liqueur for the summer. Whether you’re sat in your garden or on a tropical island, the passionfruit flavours mixed in an ice-cold cocktail will take you to paradise.

I’m all about choosing the right flavours and foods to go with a particular season, event or holiday – so naturally this summer I want to share with you a range of tropical cocktails. This super simple cocktail has just three ingredients, with an optional lime sugar glass dusting. The peach flavour in the schnapps brings out another element of sweetness, and also makes the cocktail much stronger, so go easy with it if you want to make it through the night.



1 carton of orange and mango juice (preferably not from concentrate)
Bottle of Passoã
Bottle of Archers Peach Schnapps

For the sugar-lime dusting:
Lime juice



If you’re making a pitcher amount for a group of people, a blender would be suitable. If there’s only a few of you, a cocktail shaker is perfect.

Per drink, add 2  x 44ml shots of Passoã and 1 x 44ml shot of Archers Peach Schnapps, topping up with the orange and mango juice to as much as you feel necessary. While some like a huge helping of juice to water down the cocktail, others would prefer just a dash to take the edge off and add extra tropical flavour, so I won’t specify exactly how much is needed.

For the suger-lime dusting around the glass, simply pour the juice of 1 lime onto a plate, and the same with a good amount of sugar. First, place the top of the glass into the lime juice and twist it, so the top is completely covered, and then do the same with the sugar. It’s super easy but will impress your guests that little bit more! #InstagramWorthy


Make the most of the warmer months with my gorgeous summer cocktails. Check out my soju mojito for something a little different, but still incredibly easy! Have a great summer, guys!

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