The Beginners Guide to Going Outside

Ah, the great outdoors. Some thrive while others panic at the thought of venturing outside into the great unknown, far, far away from 4G and phone signal. I’m sure many of you will agree that the outdoorsy type, who just seem to love being here, there and everywhere; climbing hills and mountains, jumping off planes and all sorts else are people most of us would just happily avoid. We are content with our lives of nipping out the door, getting straight into the car and driving to the places we need to go – that’s what modern technology is for, right?

But, what happens when that dreaded day happens? Where you just cannot avoid going for that 15 mile walk? You look in your wardrobe, and your flip-flops are simply not suitable to walk in, and your light indoor clothing might not keep you warm or shelter you from the rain.

I regularly walk my dog in unsuitable clothing, and end up complaining that I’m cold or my feet hurt. I would often decline invitations to things I knew would restrict me to the outdoors, simply because I hated not being near shelter, comfortable temperatures and technology. But now, it is safe to say that I am in the process of transitioning from the indoor to the outdoor person, but it calls for – and dare I get excited at the thought – a huge shopping trip! When it comes to camping or going to festivals, I’m personally not quite there yet, but if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy doing but never know what is suitable to pack, then this post is for you! Last week I walked the southern Peak District, and with the following clothes and accessories, I was more than prepared.

As the title says, this is not an extensive list of backpacking, camping or hiking equipment, it is simply a list of all the things I have recently bought to make my life outside that little bit easier. I hope it provides you with the inspiration to embrace the summer months, and encourage you to do some outdoor activities. Us Brits need to take advantage of what little summer we get.


An outdoor bag

That gorgeous leather designer bag you love being seen with could potentially get damaged in the wilderness. Having something medium sized with the appropriate tough, waterproof fabric is a must. You basically want to buy a bag just to take outside and get mucky – but get one that can be easily cleaned! Some would opt for a backpack, my boyfriend included, and that’s also a great choice. For me, this over-shoulder bag from Animal is simply perfect. It’s cute and practical – with lots of compartments for all my stuff!


Collapsible water bottles

Again, some would choose a hydration pack for those long hiking trips, but 2 of these should do the trick, and they’re very inexpensive. What’s great about them is their practical design. When you’ve finished one, it can be folded neatly into your bag, taking up hardly any space, and they can also be clipped to your bag for when you want easy access to water but need both of your hands free.


Pack-away jacket

Getting caught in the rain is an exciting thought now I own one of these amazing inventions. I chose the longer design just in-case I’m wearing a dress but there are so many colours and designs to choose from, and they can range in price. This was £14.99 from Trespass in the sale, but check their website out for a serious range of outdoor gear at very reasonable prices.


Convertible trousers

Perfect for all weather conditions. And do you know why? Because you can zip the legs off to make shorts! I know, it’s insane! I’m never usually one for trousers, they annoy me and I prefer the freedom of leggings, but these are so soft and lightweight, so you can still feel comfortable on long trips!


Walking Sandals

When I saw people in these, I used to think… why? But now I know. They’re comfortable, durable, and if you choose the right style… dare I say, they’re cute? I convinced my boyfriend to get a pair too, and although he was hesitant at first, he now loves them. You’ve just got to remember that the phrase ‘fashion over function’ does not apply to a 15 mile walk. I guarantee that just 1 mile in, you’ll sincerely regret not wearing appropriate footwear. Hiking boots or trainers are also essential if you know the walk you’re going on has uneven, rocky terrain, but these sandals will be perfect for light afternoon walks in the sun, just remember to keep them clean with Nikwax Sandal Wash – Transparent, 125 ml .


Other tips

  1. For girls, you might want to consider investing in a comfortable sports bra, just to give you that extra support.
  2. Always carry sun screen.
  3. Always carry some small change and light snacks such as fruit or cereal bars.
  4. A power bank might also come in handy if your trip is quite long or you’re draining your battery on Pokémon Go!
  5. Take a hoodie or jacket, just in case it gets cold.

Do you have any other tips for long walks? Please do let me know.

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  1. Useful list! I would add, some areas that are infested with ticks, spray your self with anti tick spray to avoid problems with Lyme disease . Forests infested are particularly in some areas in Europe.

  2. Great to get recs from someone that isn’t a hardcore outdoors type… like most normal folk in the world 😉

    Collapsible water bottles—now THAT’S a handy thing to have on a hiking trip! Do need!

  3. I’ll go ahead and call myself casually outdoorsy. I usually pass on multi-day camping trips but I love a good hiking trail as long as it comes in under 8 hours. That said, I’m always dressed horribly. I think you’ve inspired me to go invest in a halfway decent windbreaker. Also, collapsible water bottles!! What’ll they think of next?

  4. Oh my gosh I could have totally used this post a week ago! I went on an 11 mile hike and was totally ill prepared – yoga clothing in the rain the English country side. Silllllly me.

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