Top 5 Desserts in Las Vegas

Those who have visited the United States know first hand that the dining experience is far superior compared to the United Kingdom.

Firstly, the waiters are relying so much on your 20% tip, that they will go to any measure to ensure what you eat is of the finest of quality and your service is top notch. Secondly, in Las Vegas especially, the dining experience practically anywhere you go is in such a relaxed and friendly environment, that anyone can order what they want and have it exactly how they please – no questions asked. Thirdly, and most importantly, the choice; in America, the restaurant and fast food chains are double of that here in Britain. There is so much more to choose from, and with that, and the many more enticing menus to explore, it would be foolish to dine at the same place every time you go out – you have to discover more! My experiences of dining in America are very positive, even when I was forced, or rather encouraged to try escargot in Mon Ami Gabi, or Shrimp & Pork gyoza at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion. But when it came to the dessert menu, I was more than willing to try everything and everything. Here are my top picks for the best desserts in town!


5. Frozen Yogurt @ U-Swirl

It got to about 9pm, my aunt, who I was staying with in Vegas, turned to me and said “wanna get somefro-yo?” and at first, I had no idea what she was talking about. Next thing, we’re in her car, in pyjamas, driving to frozen yoghurt store, U-Swirl. Even at that time, it was packed with people, loading their cups with a variety of flavours ranging from tangy strawberry to creamy coconut to even hearty peanut butter. I tried to stick with a ‘tropical fruit’ theme, but the topping station made me throw that idea out of the window. The pick-n-mix, the white chocolate and marshmallow sauces and not to forget the crushed ice cream cones were a delightful choice!

4. French Toast @ International House of Pancakes

I know we just call it eggy bread here in the UK, but what IHOP is legendary for, is their full-bodied combo breakfasts and extraordinary French toast. I hadn’t even tried ‘eggy bread’ before I got there, but it was an excellent choice! I first tried their standard French toast with whipped butter, and decided to take advantage of their mouth-watering syrups on offer, maple, strawberry and my personal favourite, pecan. Glug that all over your toast and it’s a dessert in its own right. The butter and syrup gorgeously melting all over the soft, chewy bread was a sight perfectly hash-taggable as #foodporn. I went back for a second breakfast the following week!

3. All Desserts @ The Bacchanal

It wasn’t named the best buffet restaurant in Las Vegas for nothing! This place is what dreams are made of. The dessert range itself was too much, but I had a pretty admirable attempt at tackling as much as I could, a buffet is a gratifying challenge for me. Here I am, photographed with an array of delicious desserts, and best of all? These pictured here were all sugar free! Cheesecakes, macaroons, brownies, chocolate strawberries, everything you could think of, all under one stylish and sophisticated roof. I also highly recommend the fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup; the American’s aren’t as weird as I thought.

2. White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake @ the Cheesecake Factory

The first, and one of the best desserts I had was my first in Las Vegas at this friendly and beautifully modern restaurant chain. It would be rightly associated with Frankie & Bennies and TGI Fridays,only with a more colourful and innovative menu – not forgetting their world famous cheesecake. You simply cannot leave without a slice (and another to take home). Unlike any I have ever tasted, the middle is smooth, creamy and rich, full of intense flavour, and one of the best taste combinations I can think of is white chocolate and raspberry, so it was a must try. Another I tried was the tiramisu cheesecake, for those of you who can’t resist an intense coffee flavour. Do not visit America without visiting here.

1. Créme Brûlée @ Eiffel Tower Resturaunt

The first créme brûlée I tried was a few nights before this, in Mon Ami Gabi, and it was without a doubt the best dessert I’d ever tried. That was until I tasted the brûlée at this place. Burnt caramel never looked so good with an epic-sized wafer and sugar dusted fruit to garnish. I was in culinary paradise and highly reluctant to share. This top class restaurant situated at the centre of the Vegas Eiffel Tower was cosy and atmospheric, with palpable class and style – and even here, I was not out of place! They even brought me a birthday surprise for dessert seconds! The Créme Brûlée wins!

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  1. Yummyy!!! Las Vegas is so far away from me and i don’t know when I’m going but your post about these desserts has made me want to have something sweet! Nice idea for posting.

  2. I lived in Vegas for 2 years and agree with all of these amazing deserts, especially U-Swirl that’s my old room mates and my tradition when I come back to visit her!

  3. Love this, Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities and I visit frequently. Bacchanal is one of my favorite buffets/dining experiences. And I have tried most of the desserts:)

    • Thanks! Las Vegas is my favourite place in the world and I doubt that will ever change. Bacchanal such a great buffet, I ate some much I’m surprised I had room for desserts.

  4. Fascinating to read what foreigners think of the food in my home country 🙂 Yes, the food in Vegas is quite exceptional. The frozen yogurt looks delicious. Nice desserts. Glad you don’t think Americans are that weird 🙂

    • Haha na, you’re all good! A lot of British food is basically American food now, but there are some differences which I’d love to have over here. The froy0 thing hasn’t quite made it, just in the major cities.

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