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I don’t know about you guys, but I really struggle to travel light. I overthink every possible situation and take anything I could possibly need, half of which I never end up actually using.

For our next adventure, my boyfriend and I are off to Florida, and there’s a huge amount of things we already want to bring back, so I know I need to save some space this time to make sure I can fit it all in my suitcase. Although Virgin Airways are quite good with main and carry-on luggage, I still need to be careful. I’ve realised that there are quite a few ways in which I can take all of my beauty essentials, but still not feel like I’m taking my entire box of make-up (which is growing by the day) so I thought I’d share a few tips with you.

Buy travel sized products, or fill up travel bottles with your essentials.

Quite an obvious one, but I always think spending around the same price for a small bottle of something is a bit of a con, but for travelling light, they are actually handy. I know I’m going to need the travel sized Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and a small tube of toothpaste (I actually got a load of free samples from my dentist, so if you have an appointment any time soon, check to see if they have any freebies). Also, the small fill-your-own travel bottles are good for body lotion, cleanser and toner etc. but I can’t help but think they won’t be big enough for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Herbal Essences have 200ml sized shampoo and conditioner, so I’m going with those, but if you’re only going for a few days, they also have 75ml sizes too, and you can’t go wrong with their gorgeous Hello Hydration coconut range.

20160428_144348-01.jpeg April’s Birchbox

Birchbox is great for small samples to take on holiday!

OK, so I know you are not guaranteed to get the exact things that you want, but you can guarantee that whatever they are, they’re small enough to take with you. Their boxes also boast a great selection of designer brands and if you got April’s, you would have received a Benefit product which is pretty amazing! It’s worth subscribing just to take advantage of trying out some different products, but looking at what the last 3 boxes have consisted of, I already know the majority of the products are coming with me to Florida. I’m taking the sample-sized Polåar Polar Night Cream, as I’ve read about the benefits of keeping your skin hydrated on the flight.

20160428_144718-01 Barry M Natural Glow Shadow & Primer Palette 2, Hide & Chic Bronzer, Blusher & Highlighter Palette and Coco Loco lip oil

Eye and face palettes save so much space!

I just bought Barry M Natural Glow Shadow & Primer Palette 2, and Hide & Chic Bronzer, Blusher & Highlighter Palette, and honestly, they’re amazing and small enough to take with you. My shadows and powders are quite big and take up a lot of room in my make-up bag, so they were a great investment to ensure I have some essentials to squeeze into my carry-on case. The mirrors are also very handy.

20160428_144930-01.jpeg All of your highlighting and contouring essentials, £6.49

Order lipstick samples from Avon

My mum is an Avon representative, and she always gives her best customers free samples for lipstick, creams and foundations to increase her sales. If you contact her, or your local Avon rep, they’d more than gladly to provide you with samples, and if you want more than one shade, they don’t cost that much at all – it can work out at about £2 for 20 small lipsticks that can be applied about 5-7 times each. Visit my Mum’s Avon Shop if you don’t have a local rep, as delivery is arranged via Avon now to anywhere in the UK.

20160428_145015-01 A lot of people compare these shades to Urban Decay’s Naked range, they’re really good, £6.49

My overall tip – only pack what you need!

You probably don’t need that huge bottle of hairspray, or your eyeshadow palette with 40+ shades alongside the 10 different brushes you own. The key to travelling light is being efficient, taking what is necessary, but knowing what to leave at home. There will more than likely be supermarkets and drug stores nearby that stock those last minute essentials that you forgot or couldn’t fit, so only take with you what you know will be a struggle to find at your destination.

Do you have any specific products that you simply could not travel without? Leave a comment, I’d love to know.

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  1. Your suggestions are very sensible albeit not very appropriate for me being an older gentleman who doesn’t use too much make-up.

    But, you are right. How often do we pack our bags to the maximum allowable weight only to leave the stuff in the cases for the entire trip.

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