Ridiculously Good Veggie & Vegan Junk Food Spots in Liverpool, UK

Liverpool is quickly becoming one of the best places in the UK to eat good vegetarian and vegan food. From the Bold Street in the city centre, to hip Lark Lane in Aigburth, there are countless places in Liverpool that offer a wealth of innovative and inviting vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Although myself and my husband only visited Liverpool for the first time last year, we fell in love and made the bold decision to move in July. Since then, we’ve been hitting up as many restaurants and markets that Liverpool has to offer, in search of the best vegetarian and vegan junk food in the city. Here are eight (plus a few honourable mentions) top picks when you need your meat-free junk food fix in Liverpool!

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Down the Hatch:

Vegan doesn’t have to be ‘clean’ and this underground joint on Duke Street boats some of Liverpool’s finest meat-free classic junk food. From burgers and hotdogs to dishes using tofu and far-East flavours, you’ll want to work your way through Down the Hatch’s entire menu before leaving Liverpool!

If you’re looking for a good place to start, try the seitan ‘chicken’ strips before chowing down on The Don. Before my veggie days, the donner was a staple Saturday-night kebab house binge, and something I’d always been dying to find a meat-free replacement of. Usually, the perfectly toasted pita is stuffed with houmous here, but as garlic mayo lovers, we swapped for their in-house version which you can also buy to take home! We also tried the salt and pepper tofu and seitan Americana hotdog, which was smothered in sauerkraut, mustard and curry ketchup, topped with pickles and popcorn!

The portions are incredible value for money and the service is rapid – vegan fast food at its finest.

Lucha Libre:

Not an exclusively vegetarian place, but like most restaurants in Liverpool, Lucha Libre offers a satisfying range of meat-free dishes. When you want your street-food fix in the form of a Mexican taco, quesadilla or burrito, look no further than Lucha Libre! Almost all of the nibbles and sides are vegetarian (some vegan), and if you enjoy sharing, grab yourself a Vegan Street Food Tray for two!

We tried the halloumi and coconut cauliflower tacos, which are served as three soft warm tortillas, and dirty veggie fries – a combination of potato and sweet fries, smothered in cheese and a mixture of spicy sauces.

Yard & Coop:

At first glance, Yard and Coop looks like a chicken lover’s dream, but take a closer look at the menu and you’ll find the ‘not chicken’ halloumi nuggets, which I can assure you veggies and meat eaters alike can’t help but go for.

This place proves that even among the most meat-friendly places to eat in Liverpool, you’re guaranteed to find a satisfying vegetarian alternative.

We also tried the halloumi wrap and the abundance of veggie side-orders, including sweetcorn balls, deep-fried whole jalapeños and mac and cheese bites. All of which did not disappoint.


Bristol’s famous pies can also be devoured on Liverpool’s Bold Street, and with three veggie and one vegan option, it’s a tough decision. Stick with more traditional flavours and order vegan Kevin or creamy Wild Shroom, or venture to the far-East with the Saag Pie-Neer, a mixture of paneer and potato with spinach, peas, mango and chilli. The Heidi is another solid choice – a sweet potato, spinach and red onion pie with intense goat’s cheese sauce.

Visit on a Sunday to take advantage of their roast dinner option, which comes with a Yorkshire pudding, extra carrot and swede mash and stuffing balls. And, because there’s always an excuse for halloumi, you can grab three on a stick to come with your dinner too!


Bakchich, specialising in Lebanese cuisine, is another exotic Bold Street eatery, but currently a North-West exclusive experience with only one other branch in Manchester’s Williamson Square. It’s easy to see the traditional marinated, meaty skewers and head for the door but appearances can be deceiving. Salads, halloumi, falafel and hummus feature heavily and make for some stunning flavour combinations across over 30 vegetarian and 20 vegan-friendly dishes across the menu. Don’t miss their tasty selection of signature juices and mocktails to wash it all down.

The open kitchen setup with salad bar reminds of a classic kebab shop, but the seating area is a perfect socialising space with its warm Arabic patterns and colours. As somewhere that doesn’t take advance bookings, drop in and try your luck!

Crazy Pedros:

Being able to find a vegetarian pizza on any corner of the globe is hardly a tough feat, but the toppings and flavours offered here at Pedros simply re-define the crazy, and we were more than happy to submit to their genius innovations. Grab a beer and enjoy a pizza whole, by the slice, or try their pizza nachos!

During Happy Hour, you can score a 16″ pizza for £10, and if you’re feeling indecisive, go for the half-and-half option. Ours was a combo of The Quorn Dough, which essentially replicated the flavours of a Thai red curry, and Nacho Libre, with tortilla chips, guac and a whole other range of Tex-Mex ingredients.

Baltic Market:

For a weekend street-food feast, this place is really hot right now. Located in the bustling Baltic Triangle, you’ll be sure to find a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options amongst the variety of local food vendors, as well as a great selection of beers and cocktails!

At Ital Fresh, you can choose from an entirely vegan Caribbean street-food menu, including the deep-fried Cauli burger, loaded Kingston fries and more!

Immerse yourself in Middle-Eastern inspired junk food heaven at Hafla Hafla. You can grab the ever-so-popular halloumi fries (and totally go back for a second portion), but they also offer pittas and falafel bowls.

Similar to Yard and Coop, The Mad Bantham, again, specialises in chicken, but also serve up some mean loaded tater-tots with a variety of toppings to choose from!

For those of you with a sweet tooth, you can grab a bubble waffle at The Midnight Delivery. The majority of their choices are vegetarian, so have fun making a decision! We went with the Nutella and Kinder Egg waffle.

Dog-friendly until 8pm, the market opens from Thursday through to Sunday. Expect the place to be packed with busy foodie crowds all weekend long.

The Caledonia:

If you’re looking for a cosy, dog-friendly pub with an extensive vegan junk food menu, then look no further than The Caledonia. You can choose from burgers, hot dogs, loaded fries and a serious variety of sides to wash down a local beer. You can even get a full vegan breakfast, served all day!

Truthfully, we were so full from our Baltic Market experience that we only went for the chilli chicken wings and the cookie dough sandwich for dessert. That being said, we watched as the kitchen served up all of the above, and we’ll be back for more soon!

Craft Taproom:

Another cosy, dog-friendly pub with an incredible selection of beers, spirits and veggie food is the Craft Taproom. Feast on a loaded veggie burger and grab a side of buffalo cauliflower wings. This place also hosts regular vegan food fairs, where you can pop in and check out what some of the locals are doing with vegan cakes, sauces, spreads and pop-up street-food. They’re also going full veggie on their food menu next month – all the more reason to check them out!

And there you have it! An incredible and ever-growing selection of vegetarian and vegan junk food is available in Liverpool, and we’ve barely even scratched the surface. Have you been to any of these restaurants? Are there any that we didn’t include that you feel we MUST check out? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. If I ever get to Liverpool I know I’ll be doing a lot of eating. I think my first stop will be the Baltic Market. I also want to dig into that fab looking ice cream dessert.

  2. Oh my gosh all of these look so delicious!! My mouth is watering. How was the thai curry on pizza? Sounds fun but sometimes the funny ones are the most tasty 🙂

    • Honestly, it was weird but wonderful! I love anywhere that experiments with flavour combos like this, especially for vegetarians!

  3. I never would have pegged Liverpool as being a veggie hotspot! Will definitely be pushing it further up the list now. I am particularly interested in that Baltic Market, sounds amazing! Love a good market with tons of delicious options. My husband would be all about Pieminister!

  4. Nice to see my home city getting a mention! I personally avoid eating in Liverpool, ever but I definitely agree with this list. Liverpool does have some really great restaurants, and most people don’t know about. Great post

  5. This post is terribly delicious! I should not be reading food posts when I haven’t had my dinner yet. Seriously though – thanks for sharing! I am saving this post for when we visit Liverpool next time. Yum!

  6. All of your food pictures look SO DELICIOUS. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do think it’s really cool that so many UK cities have a ton of super veggie and vegan friendly places. And these dishes look so delicious I’m tempted to go vegan for a week so I can force myself to try them all!

  7. My kids and I visited London last year and I was so impressed with how many restaurants offered veggie and vegan food. We didn’t make it to Liverpool, but I’m bookmarking this for when we do get there. So impressed that you just moved after one visit! It must have really made an impression on you!

  8. I’m a sucker for pizza and fries. Granted The love a big messy sandwich too! I don’t think I could choose between it all. Guess I have to each everything!

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