Indulge in gorgeous Thai food in a relaxed, lounge atmosphere, whilst looking out onto the cobbled streets of Downtown Orlando. The calmest part of the city!

Downtown Orlando and Winter Park are absolutely beautiful places to visit! I’ll say it now and I’ll most definitely say it again, PLEASE visit the ACTUAL city of Orlando if you’ve booked tickets to the theme park resorts which make Orlando famous. I spoke to many locals who were all quite surprised to see us there, as the majority of tourists would completely skip the city centre and just focus on the parks.

We visited Winter Park and the surrounding streets in the evening when the heat of Florida had calmed down to relaxing and peaceful temperatures, which absolutely matched the atmosphere of the city. The symmetrical streets were quiet and clean, with what I can only describe as delightfully dated, but well maintained architecture which gave the city a feel of timeless 20th century authenticity. A complete contrast to downtown Orlando, which had contemporary and sophisticated skyscrapers which dominated the highway skyline as we drove past, and the tourist, gift shop dominated International Drive and Highway 192 of Kissimmee. It was a breath of fresh air to say the least.

Back to the food: I had spent hours researching which Thai restaurant to visit during our stay in Florida, as it is one of my of all time favourite cuisines. Orchid Thai simply had the best menu for us – they had a seriously good range of vegetarian options, including the golden tofu which was a must have. America in general has their tofu game down, whereas in the UK, it is still rarely served as a vegetarian option.


Crispy Golden Tofu – served with a plum sauce

The tofu was deep-fried, which gave the outside a golden crispy texture, but left a soft and light centre. I could have eaten another 4 portions of these, for sure!


Thai Summer Rolls

These rolls had mixed vegetables wrapped inside, served with a deeply rich hoisin sauce which was topped with crushed peanuts. This was my boyfriend’s favourite hoisin sauce ever – I’m not sure how he’s going to cope with the UK bottled varieties now.


Peanut Sauce

For those of you who know me well, you know satay is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Although it was served on the menu with chicken, I had to get a serving of their peanut sauce to dip in the tofu and pour over our rice.


Tofu Green Curry – served with jasmine rice

You can’t go wrong with a green curry – it was so light and creamy with a hint of medium heat which gave us our spice fix. Although it’s one of the most popular Thai curries, I’ve only ever made them at home – and never  actually tried one in a restaurant, so I just had to try it out there (for educational purposes, of course).


Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice

Coconut rice? Yes please. I would imagine this rice was boiled in a tin of coconut milk (correct me if I’m wrong Orchid). I’m most definitely going to replicate this at home very soon. It went very well with the peanut sauce!

Overall, this gorgeous Thai restaurant had a calming, intimate atmosphere. It seemed like the place to be on a weekday night for a few quiet drinks and a meal after work. The service, of course was outstanding – I got everything I wanted and felt like no request I could have made would be a tall order.

Find them on Twitter: @OrchidParkAve
Check out their menu here.

28 responses to “What we ate in Florida – Orchid Thai Cuisine, Orlando”

  1. Courtney Jones says:

    The Thai Summer Rolls look sooooo good! Such a good delicious meal that won’t make you feel horrible afterwards!

  2. tashasoyster says:

    Reading this post is making me very hungry! Love the sound of the satay and tofu. Satay is also one of my favourite dishes.

  3. Toni Frazer says:

    This looks like an amazing place! I want some sticky rice. But the peanut sauce looked delish too! I will be making a stir fry on the weekend now because of this haha!

  4. Fee says:

    I’ve not been to Orlando in such a long time (over 12 years) so my last experience with vegetarian food wasn’t great as they didn’t cater very well. Or maybe we just didn’t know where to eat. Finding a gem back then was much more difficult. This looks delicious though and i love thai food.

    • The Veggie Passport says:

      I think it will just keep getting better and better, but I must say I had no problems this year. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    I am guilty of visiting Orlando many years ago and only going to the Theme Parks! This looks delicious and i definitely want to go back to Orlando sometime so i will look to go to the city 🙂

    • The Veggie Passport says:

      Awesome! I think a lot of people are guilty of it to be honest, and it’s perfectly acceptable. But Orlando the city is amazing so do give it a visit.

  6. It was just the right moment to read your post as it is lunch time here in Romania and now I am really hungry after seeing all this.

  7. Some of this food looks absolutely AMAZING! So good to have a selection of vegetarian options on the menu- tofu is my fave!

  8. Erin says:

    Green curry is my favorite! So much yum!

  9. I’m very much not a vegan but your photos and descriptions still made me want to try some of these!

    • the_veggie_passport says:

      That’s awesome, I’m glad! Tofu is amazing and can be enjoyed by veggies and meat-eaters alike I think. 😀

  10. Lyssie says:

    I agree that everyone should visit more than just the theme parks! Orlando is so cute and there are tons of funny things to do. Downtown Orlando is great for a 20’s and 30’s crowd with tons of bars and restaurants. There are lots of places all around Orlando to shop, movies to see, and things to do outside of theme parks. The pictures of the food look delicious!

    • the_veggie_passport says:

      I totally agree! Orlando is such a gorgeous city – I was really surprised at how quiet it was considering. I guess it’s the locals best kept secret!

  11. I’m not a vegetarian but still, I wanna try some of these! You know what, my tummy was literally growling, no joke! I love theme park, but I’m gonna make sure if someday I visit Orlando, I won’t miss the city itself. Thanks forbsharing this!

  12. Jasmine says:

    Thai food is my favourite food so this looks so delicious to me and is making me hungry! Especially those spring rolls yum!

  13. Luda says:

    Mmm, looks delicious – especially the Coconut Rice! And I love how they added an orchid flower for effect (they’re really serious about their name, huh? ;))

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