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The world is becoming ever more accommodating to vegan travel, and I feel very proud and privileged to be helping readers find meat and dairy free food on the road in every way I can. But, the truth is, there are times where I struggle to find something quick to eat that’s not gonna be too unhealthy or expensive. Although I love indulging in greasy food at a roadside diner (who doesn’t!?) it never hurts to have a fully stocked stash of go-to snacks for a road trip or long-haul flight.

I saw Vegan Tuck Box and thought it looked like the best UK vegan treat box for rare finds or new upcoming treats. When they agreed to send me an Ultimate Box (RRP £16.50) which has between 10 and 13 snacks inside, I literally could not wait to get my hands on it! Monthly subscription boxes are becoming ever more popular and practical, and I love being able to share how veganism can be brought to us all in new and exciting ways, that doesn’t exclude or bore us! I also have a discount code (blog20) for all of you to get 20% off your first box!

A little more about Vegan Tuck Box…

  • UK’s first 100% vegan box scheme – helping you to go, stay and enjoy being vegan
  • Options for everyone – single, subscription and gift boxes available
  • 2 different sized monthly boxes – no commitment, cancel anytime
  • No need to miss out on exciting vegan treats as different products every month – our boxes are 100% vegan and always will be!
  • 10p from each box is donated to vegan causes each month
  • It’s not just boxes- we also stock a fantastic range of treats sold individually in our online tuck shop
  • Winner of Vivas Best New Vegan Food product award 2014

On top of having two standard monthly subscription boxes, the Variety and Ultimate Boxes, you can also indulge in a themed box, the varieties available are chocolate, savoury, healthy, vegan starter and gluten-free – so plenty of options to choose from! There’s also a bonus recipe card on the reverse side of the product list, and this months’ was how to make vegan pop tarts which I’m so excited to try out!

This month’s Ultimate Box contained a great mix of snacks, including microwaveable quinoa to have with a main meal. Although Vegan Tuck Box has sent me this box in exchange for a review, my honest opinion of the service and products themselves is overall very positive. Not only are the products great quality and value, but the majority of snacks were things I had never even heard of. Therefore, I truly feel like the box is worth the subscription, to keep us in the know for new and tasty vegan products at a price I would be willing to pay for each month.

Kintaro Pop Rice – Strawberry & Gojiberry Flavour

These are crispy clusters of popped rice with a really sweet and fruity flavour. Incredibly chewy and moreish – they didn’t last long!

Naturata – Rice Quinoa Crisp Chocolate

I honestly would not be able to tell that this is dairy free chocolate! The crispy quinoa was a great addition, and who doesn’t like crispiness in their chocolate?

LoveRaw – Rosehip & Lemon Snack Bar

A stunningly gooey, tasty pressed fruit bar similar to those available in your local supermarket. I haven’t seen this flavour before and the combination made for a delicious snack between meals.

Kennard’s Artisan Chocolate

These are a small box of rich ‘luxury’ chocolates. Whilst it was a real pleasure to experience strong cocoa flavours with complimentary espresso, peanut butter and praline, the ‘smooth caramel’ more resembled a faintly gritty sugar paste though.

Darling Corn – Barbeque Flavour

My only prior experience of biting into dry corn was an unpopped kernel that almost broke my tooth in half. No such trauma here with an excellent crispy nut-like consistency in a rich BBQ seasoning.

Sweet Lounge Crystal Raindrops

We expected to bite into a hard boiled sweet, but they almost dissolved as soon as you bit into them, with cold goo dripping out, leaving that ‘olde sweet shop’ flavour to take over. Pete liked them a lot, I wasn’t too keen.


Raw & Wild Pili Nuts – Himalayan Pink Salt Flavour

What an amazing flavour Himalayan pink salt is! The pili nuts are like a soft almond but without that intense ‘almondy’ taste. Absolutely gorgeous! Pili nuts also contain the highest magnesium content of all nuts!

Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa & Golden Vegetables

This microwaveable organic and gluten-free quinoa with vegetables was a convenient addition to a homemade bean chilli con carne. Can’t beat a convenient 90 seconds in the microwave for perfectly cooked quinoa as a rice alternative.

Battle Oat Protein Cookie – Chocolate Chip

You can literally feel the protein powder as soon as you bite into the gritty and soft cookie. For those of you who would enjoy eating a protein cookie, you might enjoy it, as it resembles a soft cookie dough, but it was way too intense for us.

Banana Joe – Sriracha Flavour

Who would have thought that a fruit with such a distinctive flavour could take on such heavy savoury flavours like garlic and sriracha?! I could barely tell they were banana chips, as they were diced to thinly like your regular potato chips. Highly recommended.

t+ Green Tea Samples

After the package arrived, it was easy to quickly whip up these tea bags as a quick treat. The mixes of orange & blueberry, and raspberry & pomegranate were beautifully refreshing fruity aromas that gave a much needed kick in that mid-afternoon low.



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  1. What a fabulous article! Loved the reviews, defo thinking about getting a subscription now that I’ve seen how tasty this looks!!!! 😍❤️

  2. Didn’t know this box existed! Love it, since I eat a lot of vegan products nowadays. I enjoy vegan skincare and beauty products also a lot! Soon I’ll have a vegan hair care post online (tomorrow). Hope to hear what you think of that too. Great post and I would surely want to get one of those boxes (do they deliver in Sweden?)

  3. Oh, this sounds like a perfect box for me! Everything looks so tasty. Wondering if they ship internationally – going to have to have a look 🙂

  4. Although I’m not practical a vegan, I do eat more vegetables lately while giving up meat and I can say that I feel much better. Thank you for sharing this information on vegan tuck boxes.

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